Trainings in Zurich: August 24 - September 21 and 28

Trainings in Zurich: August 24 - September 21 and 28

Sporthalle Berghalden, Horgen (map)

Next events: August 24th, September 21st and 28th 2019

DRACER courses, from beginner to advanced level, hosted in Horgen with professional racers to enable everyone to learn about drone racing and to improve their skills.

1.30pm: Beginner and intermediate training: include an introduction to drone racing, gate and cube passing and friendly races between participants.

3.30pm: Advanced racing: drone racing with brushless drone, under the guidance of experienced competitive pilots. Prior flying experience required

On September 21st, the session will start at 3.40pm

1h20 - CHF 80*

Bookings are binding. Cash or debit cards are accepted at the venue.

Please note that all sessions are subject to a minimum of 6 participants.

* Includes drones, equipments, First Person View (FPV) Headset, indoor/outdoor venue and expert trainer

Session Lausanne: 31 Aout, 28 Septembre

Session Lausanne: 31 Aout, 28 Septembre

Centre Coquerellaz (map)

Prochaines sessions: 31 Aout, 28 Septembre

L'évènement se tiendra au Centre sportif Coquerellaz, au sein d'une salle de 800 m2, pour permettre aux participants de s'initier au pilotage de drones de course. 

Les cours sur Lausanne sont sujets au fait d avoir 8 participants minimum.

Planning pour une session:

13h30:  Introduction et courses de drones pour debutants / intermediaires

15h30: Cours avancé et courses de drones brushless


1h20 - CHF 80*

Les réservations sont non annulables. Paiement en liquide ou carte accepté sur place.

* Comprend drones, équipement, Lunettes FPV (First Person View),  installation intérieure/extérieure ainsi qu'un formateur expert au pilotage de drone

Beginner & Intermediate Training Basel

Beginner & Intermediate Training Basel

Dracer is coming to Basel and we very much look forward to flying with you!

Sessions are subject to a minimum of 8 participants. In order to identify the best date for everyone, please indicate your preference on the following doodle. As soon as we reach 8 participants, we will contact you.

See you soon :)

1h20 - CHF 80*

* Includes drone, all equipment, FPV goggles, indoor location as well as trainer